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Bereaved by Suicide Group 


We offer a monthly support group for those clients who are bereaved by suicide. This group provides much needed support to clients who can feel especially vulnerable and isolated by the trauma they have experienced.


There is no obligation to be vocal during the session, so feel free to divulge as much as you feel comfortable with. This group runs all year round and there is no limit on the amount of sessions you can attend.

For more information or dates, please call our enquiries line  0121 687 8011

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Mens Group


What is it?

This service is currently suspended due to Covid-19.

The loss of a family member of friend can be devastating. The enormity of the loss can also make you feel as though you are going "out of control".  Men can find this whole experience extremely confusing and feel utterly “de-skilled” in knowing how to cope or what to do.


The group is delivered like a course with the purpose of educating men about the grief process and the skills needed to get through it. You will meet other men, who have experienced bereavement- in a group setting and with the support of two bereavement specialist. There you will have the time and space to reflect on why your loss is affecting you, and what you can do about it. You can divulge as little - or as much as you like, that’s the benefit of being in a group.


Who can attend?

Any man with any kind of bereavement can attend and it doesn’t matter when the bereavement was.


For more information please call our enquiries line  0121 687 8011

Mr H,

"Give it a go, its been a real positive for me and the rest of the guys in our group" 

 Attended October 2018

Together at the Top

Mr S,

"not a massive commitment and will give you some tools/pointers for dealing with the challenges you are facing"

Attended October 2018