Heart of England Community Foundation’s Coronavirus Resilience Fund grant

Since our offices had to closed, dedicated volunteers have been offering telephone support remotely to new and existing clients. Sadly, due to Covid-19 the number of people who need our help is set to rise.

In times of grief, we attend funerals, visitor our friends and hug our family members to help them through the process. Social distancing is making lots of grieving rituals impossible, so now more than even, vital we are there for our community.

This grant will enable us train 12 new volunteers to provide telephone support as well as support the ongoing costs of delivering this service.

Just as we have had to adapt quickly to the ever changing situation, many organisations like the Heart of England Community Foundation has responded quickly with grants to support vital charity work.

We look forward to updating you soon on how this grant has had a positive impact in our community.

A big thank you, from the team at Cruse Bereavment Care Birmingham!

To find out more about the Heart of England Community foundation or donate please visit their Virgin Giving money page

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