Volunteer's Week

Volunteer's week is normally a busy week in the Birmingham Cruse office. It's a time to chat, drink tea and celebrate together. Sadly, with social distancing measures still in place it is not possible to all be in one place, but that does not mean we can't celebrate. We still wanted to recognise the dedication of our team, they are working incredible hard during these uncertain times.

Neeraj has been a Bereavement Support Volunteer at Cruse for four years, but had taken a bit of a break. Neeraj wanted to come back and help during lockdown, she explains how lock down has been effecting her clients. 'Being in isolation can bring them heads on with the unbearable pain of grief. They may not have the usual support system they may have once had'

The work our volunteers are undertaking at the moment is very challenging, but Neeraj would still recommend volunteering with Cruse. She said 'It’s a wonderful life changing experience. I have met some of the most wonderful people through my work with Cruse

Neeraj is one of many volunteers at Cruse who give up their time every week to support our clients. Without them, 100's of people in Birmingham would be dealing with their grief alone.

So this week, and every week, we are grateful for everything you do.

Thank you



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